The iPhone 12 Mini does something many of us wanted: It’s a truly small phone without compromises. Making a device that comes in different sizes doesn’t seem like a big deal. And yet it is, because it’s an iPhone. I spent a week putting the iPhone 12 Mini through its paces to see if it makes sense, in 2020, to have a phone this small.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:03 “It’s just a small iPhone 12”
0:02:01 Does it make sense to have this phone?
0:02:40 Design & reachability
0:03:30 I have a complaint
0:05:22 In my pocket
0:05:56 How are the cameras?
0:06:29 Photos & Videos
0:07:56 Why you may not like it
0:08:14 What about the battery?
0:08:58 Performance
0:09:23 And then, there’s 5G
0:10:16 MagSafe
0:11:08 At the end of the day

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iPhone 12 Mini:
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