Welcome to our second installment of One Charge Challenge, where we try out a device’s most fun features in a single battery life cycle. In this episode, we’re testing the biggest iPhone that’s ever lived: the iPhone 12 Pro Max. At $1,099, the 12 Pro Max has the largest screen, camera sensor and battery of any iPhone. In just one charge, we test AR with the new lidar camera, the new 2.5x telephoto zoom lens, and see how much better its video stabilization is compared to last year’s iPhone 11 Pro. We also take an underwater selfie and try to fit in a million pockets. But how long does the battery last?

You can buy iPhone 12 Pro Max here: https://bit.ly/3aksC2W
*CNET may get a commission from this offer.

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iPhone 12 extreme water test: https://youtu.be/Lv1kofMtpFs

Galaxy Watch 3 One Charge Challenge: https://youtu.be/ekCTWhugakg

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